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We offer solutions to clients in the automotive and mechanical industry by repairing plastic parts.


From worn or broken caravan roof hatches, camping equipment and kayaks to damages on boats and diving equipment.

Home Appliances

We repair broken fridge drawers and shelves for discontinued products, saving you the money and trouble of buying a completely new unit.

Wheelie bins

Broken wheelie bins are a big reason for concern as it contains health risks for you and your family.

Water-and other tanks

(JoJo) and plumbing we focus on the repair of tanks of any size and shape. As a bonus, the water can still be consumed afterwards.

Farming Industries

Portable water and fuel tanks. Broken plastic farming equipment.

Mining Industry

Repair of Lightweight and easy to transport plastic fuel and water tanks that are corrosion and rust-resistant.

Lab Facility Repairs

Joining plastic pipes with special fittings that are used for repairs to existing piping and the installation of gas lines.

Build Specialized Products

We will assist you with your next project big or small we can custom build it for you, according to your specs.